City Wolves Split

by SKIN.

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Special thanks to City Wolves, Ray Mueller. Colin Christian, Michael Maxwell, Jeromy Ainsworth, The Holland Project, and Jon Agnew


released January 29, 2016

Album art by: Ray Mueller

Tracks 1 & 2
Written/Performed by City Wolves
Produced by Jeromy Ainsworth at The Sound Saloon
Guest Vocals on "What Does It Mean" by our very own Nathan Lachner

Tracks 3, 4, and 5 Written/Performed by Skinwalkers
Produced by Colin Christian at The Sound Saloon except track 3 "rose" recorded by Nathan Lachner at The Living Room
Horns performed by Dylan Greist and Watson Meyer of City Wolves on "Inner Monologue"



all rights reserved


SKIN. Reno, Nevada

nate. nick. valentine.

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Track Name: City Wolves - West Of The City
Track Name: City Wolves - What Does It Mean (Ft. Nathan Lachner)
Track Name: Skinwalkers - Rose (Intro)
While you were putting on you're makeup, I was in the morning walking the dog. I need to find a new way of showing, so I painted you a rose left down on paper with a note.
Track Name: Skinwalkers - Inner Monologue
Do you remember when you let the knife go down? I was headless on the bathroom floor with my hands out. I think I'm sinking again. I tried to write it out, but I was so pissed off that it didn't make sense. I wanna reach out, but I don't know how. I think I'd talk to you, i've been thinking too much, been thinking too much. Sometimes I just miss my old friends. Now Reece is a mechanic. Thinking of the things I'd say to him, breathing hotbox smoke from the backseat of a minivan. Out of the city, now do you miss me? How could you want me? I know I'm nothing, I hide in and hibernate. Out of the city, I'm tired of trying if it doesn't lead nowhere. I don't leave. I think that I will just get replaced
Track Name: Skinwalkers - Troup
Feel like I need to go off and be alone, been acting like someone else. Changing so fast, don't know till I look back. Who are you again? Myselfs my oldest friend. Used to go get drinks, each night on the 6th, Sean Troup and his dad. I was so happy, smoking cigars at Shae's. Now Sean has a girlfriend. I don't see him.